August 10, 2016 JT Mudge

Upgrading the Customer Experience

Recently I had the privilege (okay, necessity) to visit my local Comcast/Xfinity store (still cannot figure out what to call it). My Internet modem died and I had to replace it.

My previous outing to Comcast’s service center 3 years before was not what dreams are made of. Nightmares maybe. It was a dark building from the 60s/70s in an older part of town. The linoleum floor was dirty and scratched. It took about 90 minutes to wait for a rep and transfer out my modem. I felt more like I was picking up something from a warehouse center than visiting the local office of a large media brand.

Fast forward to now and the experience was so very, very different.

The first thing that cannot be stressed enough in any experience is the lighting. If you do not get this right, you can literally leave your customers in the dark. Unless you are going for a vampire vibe, this is usually not a desired effect.

The new Comfinity office (like what I did there?) has a very large glass window, high ceilings, and quite good lighting inside.

When I first walked in the door I was met by a real person not behind a counter. He had a tablet, politely asked what I needed, and added me to a queue. He then directed me to a large seating area with couches and chairs. Here I could watch a large screen TV (cable sports) at eye level (not mounted to some ceiling) as well as charge my devices.

There was also a smart home discovery center (with Comfinity services you could buy of course).

The wait was short and getting the new modem was easy. We do not have cable (cut the cord), and unbelievably, they did not try to sell me on getting cable. The whole event took about 10 minutes.

As a customer, this is EXACTLY what I wanted.

1) To fell like I was stepping forward, not backward in time.

2) To be greeted upon arrival and have my expectations set.

3) To have a short, comfortable wait.

4) To not be sold to. There was plenty of opportunity for me to discover products and services and find deals if I wanted them.

So way to go Comfinity! I would not say that I am a strong supporter of yours (you are my only choice for Internet) – but you did good.

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