Interactive Multimedia

There are some questions patients ask doctors all the time. What are good ways to deal with stress? Why does my foot hurt? What self-remedies are available to treat My Condition? Having a doctor answer those questions each time to a single patient is time-consuming, inefficient and costly. Streamlining this process can provide a great return on investment.

In response, we have developed numerous Interactive Multimedia Sites (a combination of video, on-screen text and static images). The presentation responds to patient input and displays content tailored to them. With these sites collecting detailed analytics, our client was able to realize a gorgeous ROI.

For these Interactive Multimedia Sites, LitmusBox provided full service work, encompassing; Web Consulting, Information Architecture, UX Design, Flash/Actionscript Production and HTML Mobile Production.


    The Permanente Medical Group


    Development, Production, Mobile, Consulting, UX Design, Information Architecture