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Dance Dance Walk

10 Jun 2016 Posted in News

Where is your digital signage taking you? How about across the street? Car maker Smart took on the challenge of…

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The Benefits of DOOH Signage

05 Jun 2016 Posted in News

Check out this great article on the power of DS, how millennials react to ads, and how DS can be more engaging than other media.

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What a Project(ion)

31 May 2016 Posted in News

Ever wonder how to transform a historic building with destroying the architecture or history? Check out the projection mapping work done by Technomedia Solutions on the St. Louis Union Station.


Make sure to watch the video for some amazing effects and read the article on how it was done.


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To Ease Frustration, Make It More Human

30 Apr 2016 Posted in News

Amazon’s Echo is a remarkable device. Like a friendly Siri for your home, Alexa (Echo’s personality) allows you to talk to it in a conversational tone. One thing that makes Alexa successful, is that the experience feels similar to talking to a learning assistant. Read more from Nellie Bowles at The Guardian.

‘She has a name’: Amazon’s Alexa is a sleeper hit, with serious superfans

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