LimusBox Joins the Digital Signage Federation

On May 18, 2017, LitmusBox, LLC announced a new membership to the Digital Signage Federation (DSF). LitmusBox is excited to join the Digital Signage Federation and fellow members, moving forward with digital signage and engagement in the modern world.

LitmusBox president, JT Mudge, expressed that he and his company are excited to move forward with digital signage and engagement with the support and connections of the Digital Signage Federation. LitmusBox will open their doors to the Experience Lab this June in Santa Cruz, California, where clients and partners can explore digital signage and engagement first hand.

About Digital Signage Federation

The Digital Signage Federation is a not-for-profit independent group that aims to develop strong foundations for advancement in digital signage. The DSF provides education, advocacy and networking with and for its members. As the exclusive associate sponsor of the Digital Signage Expo, the largest DS trade show, the DSF also actively works to promote, educate and enhance digital signage to and for members of the group.Through their established code of conduct and professional excellence, the DSF provides information and standards for members to maintain within both general business conduct and within digital signage.

About LitmusBox

LitmusBox is a Digital Engagement agency and full service engagement studio based in Northern California. Designed as an agency for agencies,  LitmusBox brings digital engagement ideas to life through a combination of automation, web and experience development and social engagement. With their state-of-the art user experience lab, LitmusBox offers a digital learning playground for agencies and brands to test ideas and experiences first hand.