July 9, 2016 JT Mudge

It’s about the Experience

Check out FRANK MCGUINNESS’ post on the importance of experience in digital signage.

“As signage became displays, and displays became screens as part of an omnichannel strategy, the focus now is on the experience.”


While the example that McGuiness gives may be a bit far fetched (and creepy), it highlights a very important and exciting trend. The signage world is growing up.

It reminds me where the web was in the early ‘00s. There was a lot of potential for web experiences to transform not only brands, but society as a whole. Mobile caused a similar disruption a few years later. Signage and Digital Out Of Home is at a similar tipping point.

I get to chat with a lot of DOOH companies and they all tend to agree that in five years the out of home space will look nothing like it does today. The blur between digital and reality will give us something new – DigitalReality.

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