Dance Dance Walk

Where is your digital signage taking you? How about across the street?

Car maker Smart took on the challenge of jaywalking to increase public safety, and of course, brand awareness. By installing interactive Don’t Walk signs in Lisbon, they were able to reduce the amount of unsafe pedestrian crossings at the intersection by 81%.

How did they do this? It’s all about engagement. Taking people out of their normal routine and introducing something different.

Good public campaigns offer multiple levels of engagement, passive (for the more timid and introverted), active (for those with a little less inhibition), and for those who like to groove, Smart added a third level – Disco. The Smart campaign allowed pedestrians the choice to enjoy the digital spectacle by watching or to get their groove on and dance to the beat.

The power of public social engagement can transform and create new opportunities to deliver a message. By tweaking the paradigm of waiting for a walk signal, Smart was able to change the driving human desire to dodge cars like Frogger across a busy intersection.

Disruption is key. When we see something familiar, we tend not to have the same level of engagement.

Think of driving to a new place for the first time. The journey requires your attention (traffic, directions, strange streets, new sights). It is both immersive and often enjoyable. However, when we are driving to that same place for the 50th time, the journey seems shorter and duller and we are less likely to remember things we see along the way.

Digital signage is in danger of becoming dull and mundane. Many installations now are iterative of past experiences and do not offer much more value than an easy way to manage advertising displays.

By always creating new experiences and tweaking the public’s expectations, we invite our customers to engage with us like never before.

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