Engagement Matters

It's What We Do
It's What we do

Engagement Matters

Digital Engagement is not about the future, it is about connecting with people NOW. We help you get to where you want to go.


We provide engagement consulting for companies, agencies, and developers. We give you the expert advice on emerging trends and technologies as well as solutions to specific problems.

Experience Lab

We offer our Experience Lab to agencies, developers, and brands to come in and explore how they can improve customer experiences. Our lab has leading edge engagement devices and platforms that are often too expensive for agencies and developers to purchase in order to learn more about them.


We help agencies deliver. Our development team specializes in Digital Engagement including digital automation, web, social, and prototypes.


Helping you along the way

From thought leadership to solution architecture, we work with you to improve engagement.

Strategy - Where do you want to be

Developing a digital strategy takes great minds working together. We fill the gaps in your strategy team and help you define where you want to go.

Analysis - Where are you now

You know where you want to go, but where are you now? We help you discover where you are at in your strategy and technology.

Solution Architecture - How to get there

You know where you are and where you want to be. We help get you there with roadmaps, planning, and technical architecture.

Experience Lab

Hands on engagement

Test your ideas and learn on state-of-the-art platforms.

Inside the lab

Whether it be voice automation, touch walls, transparent displays – we will help you learn how to use emerging experiences to better engage your users and customers

Test your ideas

We will help you test your ideas. Bring in your designs or have us build one for you.

Visit the lab

Take a workshop, rent the lab for the day, or take a virtual visit in one of our surrogate robots.

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Full service engagement studio

We bring your ideas to life


We integrate your channels with sales and marketing automation, making sure that you get a complete 360 experience with your users.

Web Development

Our team delivers full platform web solutions that integrate with the rest of your channels.

Experience Development

We develop on emerging platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, digital signage, and more.

Social Engagement

Our social team develops and manages social engagements across multiple platforms.